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Do you love to Role Play? Are you a Monster when it comes to Role Playing? Then this your website!

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Fun Cube (Im really just wanting people to join!) Needing: Administrator & More

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Hey, I finally made a website on forumotion that worked! I just changed the template, and made new usergroups. Also, I made a secret club, and staff room (only visible to certain people). It's very cool! I figured out how to write in my portal. Yay! Very Happy So, I really hope that you will join, because it took about two hours to make this website. If you join THANKS, if you don't Crying or Very sad . Please pm me if you have any questions.

If you join, you will receive a gift bag with one special item, and points on my website.

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I joined your website!

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Thanks, I'll make new things later. Will anyone else join, please?

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